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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we introduce "First Play", a segment which looks at teaching a specific game for the first time to new players. What problems might arise and what are the most important parts of the game to understand before you start? We look to answer those questions before moving on to review the D&D Adventure Series game Wrath of Ashardalon. Enjoy!

In this first episode of the Start Space Podcast we bring in a friend to be our first guest-host! Together, we discuss the stereotypes and pre-conceived notions that plague the hobby and review the American-football game First & Goal!

What options are out there if you've only got one good gaming partner? In this episode of the podcast, we talk about playing games with two players before reviewing the car-racing dice-fest, Formula D!

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast we conclude our very first contest! We also talk about the recognition of designers in the hobby and review Mage Wars. We also go off the rails a few times...

Coming to you as a brand new member of the Dice Tower Network! In this episode, we discuss house rules and take a look at the classic Power Grid. Enjoy!

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we launch our very first contest! It's a short one, so get going on those entries. Besides that exciting news, we look at the genre of Abstract games and review the super-complicated and super-awesome game, Mage Knight!

Start Space Podcast Episode 12 - Aesthetics of Gaming and Android: Netrunner

In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we judge games on their covers when we look at the aesthetics of the games we play. How does artwork and component quality affect our perception of games and how can they bring in (or drive away) new gamers? Then, we review the sizzling-hot LCG from Fantasy Flight, Android: Netrunner!

We're back and it's 2014!!! In this big, shiny new episode we take a look forward at the coming year and reminisce about the year we've just left behind before taking on our most divisive review yet, Agricola. Enjoy it folks!

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Start Space Podcast - Episode 1

In this premiere episode of the Start Space Podcast, we explain what we're getting at with this crazy endeavor. Your co-hosts, Eddie and Tony, introduce themselves before moving on to the Main Topic of the episode: "How do you get yourself and others into the Board Gaming hobby?" Finally, we review Ticket to Ride!

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