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In this episode, we talk about our month in gaming, do a little genre spotlight on Hidden Role games, and review the CoolMiniorNot game, Rum and Bones! Enjoy everybody!

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Hey everybody! In this very awesome episode, we have guests! Our friends Mary and Mark join us to talk about the gaming hobby and its bumpy relationship with women as well as accessibility in general. Plus all your favorites including a double-dose of Gamer Lingo, an Origin Story, and our review of Blood Rage!

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Hello! In this episode, we're talking about rules: good and bad rulebooks, how we teach, and rules overload. We also have a listener Origin Story, some good ol' fashioned Gamer Lingo and a review of Broom Service!

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In this episode, we're looking back at our gaming journey and the kind of gamers we are now. What a wild and crazy ride it's been. Speaking of wild and crazy, we then review the edge-of-your-seat Feld Euro, Castles of Burgundy!

It's our annual Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Episode! This year, our auction winner is Michael and Icarus Tours. At their behest, we talk convention crowds and review the super-hot con game, Codenames!

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In this conciliatory mini-sode, we're talking about our excitement over the imminent BGG.con 2015!

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Hellllo everyone! In this episode, we're each counting down our Top 13 games of All Time! Why 13? Who knows! We also recap our Extra Life marathon and review Nexus Ops.

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In this episode, we talk about the trials and tribulations of game night, review Battlecon: Devastation of Indines, and Tony talks...for quite a while.

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In this episode, we're doing it all: talking about the resurgence of licensed games, previewing an upcoming Kickstarter project, and reviewing Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia!

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In this very short episode, we announce the winner of our Dice Tower Network and Coolstuff Inc contest! Thank you everone for participating!

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