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The title says it all. Join us July 27, 2017 at for 12 hours of gaming and a giveaway!

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In the grand finale of the Start Space Podcast, we talk about the lessons we've learned form 3+ years of podcasting and give our thanks to some of the best fans in the biz.



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In this episode, Eddie is joined by friend of the show Jon Weber to talk about how we define the weight of games and review the undoubtedly-heavy game The Gallerist!

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In this spoooooooky episode of the Start Space Podcast, we're talking about the terrifying possibility of board games as a competitive sport and reviewing the ghoulish board game Pursuit of Happiness.

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In this episode, we list our favorites board game elements in a futile attempt to talk about our ideal game. Then, we review an actually well-designed game in Isle of Skye!

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It is time again for the greatest awards in gaming, the Spacies! In this 3rd annual edition, we give out our awards for the games we've reviewed in the last year. We also review the 2-player dungeon-crawl, Claustrophobia and give you details about our Dice Tower Network contest!

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In this episode, we finally get to the bottom of our deep dark history by going straight to the source, our Mom! We talk her history in games and our journey in the hobby from her perspective. Then, we go in-depth on Pandemic Legacy! Don't worry, if you don't want spoilers, there are none in the first review. For those that want our spoilerific opinions, we've got those too at the end of the episode! (Don't worry, there's plenty of warning)

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In this episode, we talk about the struggle that is the first play. What draws us into games and what pushes players away? Then, we review The Battle of Five Armies, a beautiful games of combat in the Hobbit universe.

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In this episode, we talk about our month in gaming, do a little genre spotlight on Hidden Role games, and review the CoolMiniorNot game, Rum and Bones! Enjoy everybody!

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Hey everybody! In this very awesome episode, we have guests! Our friends Mary and Mark join us to talk about the gaming hobby and its bumpy relationship with women as well as accessibility in general. Plus all your favorites including a double-dose of Gamer Lingo, an Origin Story, and our review of Blood Rage!

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Hello! In this episode, we're talking about rules: good and bad rulebooks, how we teach, and rules overload. We also have a listener Origin Story, some good ol' fashioned Gamer Lingo and a review of Broom Service!

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In this episode, we're looking back at our gaming journey and the kind of gamers we are now. What a wild and crazy ride it's been. Speaking of wild and crazy, we then review the edge-of-your-seat Feld Euro, Castles of Burgundy!

It's our annual Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Episode! This year, our auction winner is Michael and Icarus Tours. At their behest, we talk convention crowds and review the super-hot con game, Codenames!

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In this conciliatory mini-sode, we're talking about our excitement over the imminent BGG.con 2015!

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Hellllo everyone! In this episode, we're each counting down our Top 13 games of All Time! Why 13? Who knows! We also recap our Extra Life marathon and review Nexus Ops.

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In this episode, we talk about the trials and tribulations of game night, review Battlecon: Devastation of Indines, and Tony talks...for quite a while.

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In this episode, we're doing it all: talking about the resurgence of licensed games, previewing an upcoming Kickstarter project, and reviewing Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia!

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In this very short episode, we announce the winner of our Dice Tower Network and Coolstuff Inc contest! Thank you everone for participating!

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In this episode of the SSP we're looking at another game genre! This time, we look at games which include lying and bluffing as a central mechanism, talk about our favorite ones, and how they work in the game group. Then, we review Carcassonne, the last of the holy trinity of gateway games!

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Hello friends! In this very special, chock-filled episode, we hold the 2nd Annual Spacie Awards, begin our part of the Dice Tower Network's massive contest, and review the ever-popular sacred-cow Magic: The Gathering! Could we do any more in one show? The tales say a man tried once. You can still hear his screams on the wind...

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In this episode, we talk about the recent controversies surrounding the tabletop hobby and how it affects our perception of the activity as a whole. We then do something more fun when we review the two-player Euro, Targi!

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we talk about the struggle involved with carrying games all over the place, whether that be to weekly game night or across the country to a family reunion. Then, we review the super-hot dungeon crawler, Star Wars: Imperial Assault!

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In this episode, Tony talks about a conversation he had with some local competitive video game players and we do a double review of Bugs in the Kitchen and Telestrations!

In this episode, we talk about the experience of running a board gaming event and review Tash Kalar: Arena of Legends!

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In this episode, we're talking about the progress we've made with our new FLGS and the upcoming craziness of Tabletop Day. We also do our first review of an unreleased game when we look at the Polish game Mysterium!

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It's our 50th episode! We talk about the bad personalities you might run into when gaming and review the new, hi-tech hotness, XCOM: The Board Game!

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we're looking at the wide world of Negotiation Games! Then, we review the new Minion Games joint, Battle Merchants!

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In this episode, we celebrate the 80th anniversary of Monopoly by discussing our recent play. We review the lesser-known title, Sidibaba, and Tony delves a little deeper to tackle the issue of some stereotypes that surround our hobby.

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In this episode, we're talking about the epic saga that is Operation FLGS. With one store closing, we think about the role of gamers in the healthy growth of a store. Then, we put in work for our Patrons when we review their choice: Tragedy Looper!

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In this extra-long episode of the podcast, we talk about the digital age of board gaming and do two big reviews!

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It's our Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Special! We are proud to be joined by our auction winner for a discussion of Tabletop Roleplaying games and we review his choice game, Speculation!

In this episode, we're talking about old games. How do they stack up to all of the new hotness? Do they tend to fall to the wayside too often? We also get lost in a hypothetical before reviewing the seasonally-appropriate Dead of Winter!

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In this episode, we're back from BGG.con and ready to talk about it! The games we played, the people we met, and the exhastion we felt. It's all here.

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In this episode, Tony delights us with his Top 13 games of all time. Then GALAXY TRUCKER!

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In this episode, we celebrate our one year anniversary by questioning our existence. We also review Takenoko, a game about pandas!

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The Start Space Podcast! You know, it's this pretty cool gaming podcast. 

Oh, you mean like The Dice Tower?


We also review Cash n Guns 2nd Edition!

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In this episode, we talk about Fantasy Football. No, wait! Don't run away! It turns out there are a lot of people out there who might be gamers and don't even know it! 

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In this episode, we're answering a few listener questions about the method behind our purchases before reviewing the super-hot (and somewhat controversial) Marvel Dice Masters!

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In this super-fiddly edition of the Start Space Podcast, we're talking solo gaming! Then, a review of the Privateer Press sci-fi dungeon-crawl, Level 7: Omega Protocol.

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What's a party game? Why should you play abstract games? Magic Circle? We answer all of these questions and more in a brand-new episode of the Start Space Podcast!

Stick around to the end of the show when I remember that there is more than one Level 7 game and that I may or may not have mentioned the wrong one at the start.

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In this very special episode of the Start Space Podcast we start a contest, discuss the utility of gaming awards (and show them how it's done), and review the goofy fun monster game, Rampage! 

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In this episode, we talk about the push and pull between the desire to fully explore a single game and the drive to play more and more new games. Gamer Lingo makes an appearance and we review the game Neuroshima Hex!

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In this episode, we have make an important announcement about the future of the podcast, talk about collecting in the tabletop hobby, and review War of the Ring 2nd Edition! It's a pretty big deal.

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In this episode, we talk about the ever-expanding world of Worker Placement games before reviewing the hot new family game, Splendor! 

In this episode, we're back from vacation and talking about travel gaming. We discuss our experience incorporating board games into our travels and look for advice on what we could do better next time. Then, we review the absurd team-combat game, Duel of Ages 2!

In this episode, things get a bit rowdy as we talk to our friend (and future review writer) Wes. Following introductions, we review the Fantasy Flight LCG, Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

In this episode, we tackle the hotbutton issue of Online vs. Local retailers. Then, we review the co-op hotness, Robinson Crusoe!

In this short episode, we talk about the labels that are given to so many games. Do we really need categorizations anymore? We give you all the answers to that in about 10 minutes! Then, we review the Knizia game, Lost Cites!

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In this episode, we talk about pimping out games. What have we done to take our games to the next level? Then, we review Steam Park and decide the winner of our listener poll! 

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In this episode, we sound a little better (hopefully)! We're talking about Mainstream games. Monopoly, Sorry, Risk. What do we like and dislike about them? What are some good games to replace these classics for your friends? After answering this question, we move on to a review of Disc Duelers! 

In this episode of the podcast, we take some time to introduce our gaming preferences. What mechanisms do we particularly like or dislike? Why do we play games? All of this, and our review of Seasons by Asmodee!

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A conversation about our experience on Tabletop Day becomes a minor discussion on the role of Tabletop in the hobby. Then, we manage to pull ourselves together long enough to review the card game, For Sale!

Hello everybody! In this episode, we're revealing some the things that annoy us in board games before moving on to a game which is decidedly un-annoying, Dungeon Fighter! Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference in the show's opening tag-line.

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we're talking about attracting new gamers to the hobby. But this time, we shift the focus to game stores and production companies. What could they be doing to draw more people into hobby gaming? (In our humble opinion of course) We then review the new hotness, Eldritch Horror!

Hello all! In this episode, we discuss how we compete in games. Can competition be a bad thing? We then take a look at the classic, Cosmic Encounter. Enjoy!

Board games are better with a crowd! In this episode of the Start Space Podcast we talk about forming a game group and review the historically-themed deduction game, Letters From Whitechapel.

We're talking about deckbuilding games! That's right, in this episode of the podcast we talk about our first experiences with the everpresent mechanism of deckbuilding and introducing the mechanism to new players. Then, we review the riotous party game, Time's Up: Title Recall!

It's our Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Charity Auction Special! (JVMFCAS for short) In this episode, we talk about the Living Card Game model. What are they? When should you get into one? We then review the pirate-themed game Libertalia! (with a complimentary comparison to Citadels) 

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Eddie's flying solo in this episode as Tony's laid up with a cold. I talk a little about not going too crazy when you discover all of the amazing games out there and then give you a review of the crazy party game, Ugg-Tect! Featuring a written statement from Tony.

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we take a look at the genre of Co-op games! Doesn't everyone love working together with their buddies? Continuing our theme, we review the co-op game, Flash Point Fire Rescue!

In this episode, we get Tony's thoughts on living with somebody who's become obsessed with tabletop gaming before reviewing the beautiful game, Tokaido! 

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A lot of new gamers are coming from the world of video games. In this episode, we talk about how tabletop gaming compares to video gaming. Then, we review the two-player tactical card game, Summoner Wars!

Hello everybody! In this episode, we talk about the expectations surrounding Kickstarter. Then, we review the classic gateway war-game, Memoir '44. Enjoy!

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we talk about turning Halloween into a gaming holiday and review the cooperative super-hero card game, Sentinels of the Multiverse!

In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we discuss rules. We talk about how we learn best and give some tips to all of the would-be game teachers out there. We end the show with a review of the smash-hit Worker Placement game, Lords of Waterdeep!

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we take a look at the holiday season and talk about the dos and don'ts of giving games as gifts. Then, we review the genre-bending card game, Smash-Up!

In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we introduce "First Play", a segment which looks at teaching a specific game for the first time to new players. What problems might arise and what are the most important parts of the game to understand before you start? We look to answer those questions before moving on to review the D&D Adventure Series game Wrath of Ashardalon. Enjoy!

In this first episode of the Start Space Podcast we bring in a friend to be our first guest-host! Together, we discuss the stereotypes and pre-conceived notions that plague the hobby and review the American-football game First & Goal!

What options are out there if you've only got one good gaming partner? In this episode of the podcast, we talk about playing games with two players before reviewing the car-racing dice-fest, Formula D!

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast we conclude our very first contest! We also talk about the recognition of designers in the hobby and review Mage Wars. We also go off the rails a few times...

Coming to you as a brand new member of the Dice Tower Network! In this episode, we discuss house rules and take a look at the classic Power Grid. Enjoy!

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In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we launch our very first contest! It's a short one, so get going on those entries. Besides that exciting news, we look at the genre of Abstract games and review the super-complicated and super-awesome game, Mage Knight!

Start Space Podcast Episode 12 - Aesthetics of Gaming and Android: Netrunner

In this episode of the Start Space Podcast, we judge games on their covers when we look at the aesthetics of the games we play. How does artwork and component quality affect our perception of games and how can they bring in (or drive away) new gamers? Then, we review the sizzling-hot LCG from Fantasy Flight, Android: Netrunner!

We're back and it's 2014!!! In this big, shiny new episode we take a look forward at the coming year and reminisce about the year we've just left behind before taking on our most divisive review yet, Agricola. Enjoy it folks!

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Start Space Podcast - Episode 1

In this premiere episode of the Start Space Podcast, we explain what we're getting at with this crazy endeavor. Your co-hosts, Eddie and Tony, introduce themselves before moving on to the Main Topic of the episode: "How do you get yourself and others into the Board Gaming hobby?" Finally, we review Ticket to Ride!

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