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In this episode, Eddie is joined by friend of the show Jon Weber to talk about how we define the weight of games and review the undoubtedly-heavy game The Gallerist!

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In this spoooooooky episode of the Start Space Podcast, we're talking about the terrifying possibility of board games as a competitive sport and reviewing the ghoulish board game Pursuit of Happiness.

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In this episode, we list our favorites board game elements in a futile attempt to talk about our ideal game. Then, we review an actually well-designed game in Isle of Skye!

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It is time again for the greatest awards in gaming, the Spacies! In this 3rd annual edition, we give out our awards for the games we've reviewed in the last year. We also review the 2-player dungeon-crawl, Claustrophobia and give you details about our Dice Tower Network contest!

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In this episode, we finally get to the bottom of our deep dark history by going straight to the source, our Mom! We talk her history in games and our journey in the hobby from her perspective. Then, we go in-depth on Pandemic Legacy! Don't worry, if you don't want spoilers, there are none in the first review. For those that want our spoilerific opinions, we've got those too at the end of the episode! (Don't worry, there's plenty of warning)

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In this episode, we talk about the struggle that is the first play. What draws us into games and what pushes players away? Then, we review The Battle of Five Armies, a beautiful games of combat in the Hobbit universe.

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In this episode, we talk about our month in gaming, do a little genre spotlight on Hidden Role games, and review the CoolMiniorNot game, Rum and Bones! Enjoy everybody!

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Hey everybody! In this very awesome episode, we have guests! Our friends Mary and Mark join us to talk about the gaming hobby and its bumpy relationship with women as well as accessibility in general. Plus all your favorites including a double-dose of Gamer Lingo, an Origin Story, and our review of Blood Rage!

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Hello! In this episode, we're talking about rules: good and bad rulebooks, how we teach, and rules overload. We also have a listener Origin Story, some good ol' fashioned Gamer Lingo and a review of Broom Service!

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In this episode, we're looking back at our gaming journey and the kind of gamers we are now. What a wild and crazy ride it's been. Speaking of wild and crazy, we then review the edge-of-your-seat Feld Euro, Castles of Burgundy!

It's our annual Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Episode! This year, our auction winner is Michael and Icarus Tours. At their behest, we talk convention crowds and review the super-hot con game, Codenames!

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